Delivering projects within baseline constraints in the African context is almost next to impossible. This explains the reason why most Projects in Africa get delivered in violation of all constraints. The diversity and peculiarity of Africa automatically recreates an ecosphere where principles and theories recreate themselves with stakeholders expressing various interests at different points most of which would be neglected in the civilized world. Xenon has been able remodel project management concepts integrating “Culture” to fit the African Market; and have trained professionals on how to identify and beat those blockers that are particular to Africa and deliver projects within baseline constrains. Our experienced project managers and engineers have decades of experience in managing challenging projects in Africa amidst these complexities.

While project management concepts and constraints place product quality as central to project management, we at Xenon place Speed to Market and Value Generation at the centre of project management. This is because these concepts emanate from researches done within project perfect environments such as Europe and America where activity projectizing is almost cultural. We believe that struggling to strictly apply project management concepts in Africa as if it were in Europe is the cause of so many failed projects in Africa. Having Xenon as your project manager gives you more time to focused on your strategy while we craft tactical and operational initiatives that deliver beyond expectations. We create linkage between every project related tasks and your business model considering Cost, Quality, Schedule, Scope, Process Technology and especially Customer & Market.

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