• Glass Fibre Reinforce Epoxy(GRE) piping
  • Glass Fibre Reinforce Polyester (GRP) piping
  • Glass Fibre Reinforce Vinylester (GRV) piping


  • SMITHLINE Composite


GRE/GRP Piping Network Engineering

◦ Basic Engineering
◦ Detailed Engineering
◦ Stress analysis
◦ Surge analysis (Water Hammer)
◦ As-Built

Bonding Procedure Qualification

◦ Glass Transition Test
◦ Hydrotest

GRE/GRP/GRV Foreign Procurement

◦ Plain Pipes up to 1400mm ID, 50bars (Plain or Bevelled ends)
◦ Plain Pipes Pre-Insulated Pipes
◦ Flanges (Spigot, Loose, Blind, Heavy Duty,
◦ Fitting (Couplers, Elbows, Adaptors, Lucking Strips, Equal/Unequal Tees, Reducing Sadles, Concentric/Excentric Reducers, Stub ends, O-Rings)
◦ Bonding chemicals (Resin & Hardener, Fit Laminate, Reinforcement Laminate)
◦ Fiber Glas Materials( E-glas, Woven roven,
◦ Curing Blankets/ Thermostatic Regulators

Spooling and Workshop Fabrication

Site Installation & commissioning

Predictive, Preventive and Reactive maintenance

Primary pipe supports, clamps, shoes, and u-bolts

Expansion and Dismantling joints

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