We Supply and Install Copper Nickel Piping solutions for the Oil and Gas and Refinery Industry such as:

  • Copper Nickel Round Pipe

  • Copper Nickel Hexagonal Pipe

  • Copper Nickel Square Pipe

  • Copper Nickel Hollow Pipe

  • Cu-Ni Rectangular Tubes

Our CuNi spooling design and fabrication is structured according to governing standards that benchmark to give the ideal blend of unwavering quality and great performance. Copper Nickel is a term that alludes to a gathering of copper-nickel amalgams best known for their quality, erosion obstruction, sturdiness and physical magnificence. We offer 90/10 Cupro-nickel tube (copper-nickel-iron) and 70/30 Cupro-nickel tube (copper-nickel-iron) of different Sizes and breadth:

  • Copper Nickel Finned Tube

  • ASTM B543 Cu-Ni condenser tubes,

  • Cupro Nickel Seamless Tubes,

  • Copper Nickel Welded Tube

  • Copper Nickel ERW Tubes

  • CuNi Fitting

    • But weld Fittings (ASME B16.9)

    • Forged Fittings (ASME B1611)

    • Threaded Fittings (ASME SB366)

    • Socket Weld fittings

    • Flanges (astm B122, ASTM B171, ASTM B151, ASTM B466, ASTM B467, ANSI B165, EEMUA 145)

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